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Symposium 2016

Global Compact Network USA held our 2016 Symposium on March 31, 2016 at Pfizer's headquarters in New York City. We were proud to convene members of the private sector, civil society, United Nations and others to discuss the pivotal role business can play to address the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Network extends a sincere thanks to all of our speakers, including our special guests and keynotes:

  • Lise Kingo, Executive Director, UN Global Compact

  • David Nabarro, Under Secretary-General, Special Adviser on 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Climate Change, United Nations

  • Miguel Veiga-Pestana, Chief Communications Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Peter Seligmann, Chairman and CEO, Conservation International

For a full list of speakers and topics discussed, please see the agenda and attendee list.

The Network would like to express its gratitude to Pfizer for being an amazing host, Cigna and CA Technologies for their sponsorship, and GRI, WBCSD and the UN Global Compact for collaborating on the event.

Takeaways from attendees:

"The SDGs symposium was a great opportunity to meet UNGC Board members and Executive Director Lise Kingo, and network with and compare best practices with UNGC member companies. I especially enjoyed the inspiring messages from David Nabarro and Peter Seligman. The most memorable moment was David Nabarro’s statement that women need to be involved and be leaders in tackling climate change."

—Karna Peters, Senior Counsel, 3M

"The meeting was informative, educative and excellent gathering for those who believe in sustainability. I believe such meeting should be a repeat event to share common goals and tackle challenges together in this moving world. I had the opportunity to meet great, smart and visionary people. I congratulate your organization for being the architect of the gathering."

—Dr. Abass Yaya Bamba, Senior Managing Director, Y2Fox

"It is fantastic to see how much support and action for making the world a better place comes from businesses all over the US. The symposium in March showed me that the times are shifting towards a mindset of sustainability in business and being open to collaboration with the public sector and governments. The private sector plays a major role in leading the way and is key to the success of the SDGs."

—Lisa Thalheimer, Consultant, Global Climate Change Policy, The World Bank

"What made an impression was the need to be bold when aligning your company goals with the SDGs. Let the SDGs be the north star for global business, NGOs, and foundations to advocate for positive change."

—Patricia Nevers, Associate CR Program Manager, Symantec

"The symposium was very interesting and the speakers were superb. Since implementing the SDGs into the business is so new, to hear the different strategies was very helpful as there are various approaches depending on the nature of the core business and where sustainability sits within the company. For instance, some companies are focusing on how they’re addressing all the SDG’s while other companies focus on the ones with which they will have the biggest impact."

—Hanne Vozeh Brown, Director of Sustainability, Pearson

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